About Us

Wyoming Hemp Products is an indoor grow facility that has 100% control over our hemp production. We literally talk to and care for our plants several times a day. From the time our little hemp seeds sprout, we care, love and feed our babies until they are all grown up and ready for harvest! 

Because of our high quality standards and control, our strains are purer and more potent than those grown in fields where all the negative elements like snow, critters and wind can attack the plant. 

As one of Wyoming’s first growers,  we make sure our product is safe, healthy and organic.

Licensed by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, our hemp is tested to make sure there is less than .3% of THC in it. What is THC? It’s the stuff that gets you “high” and it’s still illegal in Wyoming. We work closely with WyDOA to make sure our product does NOT have a “high” effect on our consumers.

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