Hemp in Wyoming

Hemp in Wyoming

How do we grow hemp in Wyoming?

Boone’s Brew is a key step in our success story. Combining our Raw all organic ingredients at the precise temperature to formulate the perfect Microbial Tea for your plants. This is the beginning of a great plant, and it is how we produce hemp in Wyoming.

Organic growing is the method we use with Boone’s Brew. Simply put the nutrients out there so the plant can choose what it truly needs. We let our plants chose what they actually need “AS NATURE INTENDED.” Instead of force feeding them what we think they need!

Raw ingredients mined from the earth are combined to create Boone’s Brew, a Microbial Tea. Our mixture is perfectly designed so that each plant may pick and choose from nutrients it needs for maximum health and growth.  

When growing indoors, using Boone’s Brew has proven to have 50% larger yields and 40% faster plant growth. Boones Brew also protect against unwanted pests, fungus and stress and breaks down available nutrition in soil within hours, instead of months. Speeding up the growth process immensely. Without Boone’s Brew this process takes 3-6 months.

Formulated with Raw organic ingredients mined from mother earth. We added Endomycorrhizae such as Glomus, Rhizosphere Inhabiting Bacteria and Mycorrhizal Fungi to our plants that promote the breakdown of organic matter. This blend also contains beneficial organisms that build your living soil. Combined with a handful of trace minerals, various naturally mind acids, organic Guanos, fish products, Kelp and Silica.  We have created the perfect blend for superior plant growth.

We formulate each plant with care as if we are feeding our own family members.  As animals use protein to make muscle tissue, plants use protein to make plant tissue. Boone’s Brew Tea helps make all that possible. Use the best to grow the best hemp in Wyoming and we take pride in what we use!