Wyoming is home to freedom loving Americans all over the country! We have no state personal or corporate income tax. We basically have no gun laws (except that which the federal government imposes)! We have an overall “live and let live” attitude in life.

We are also one of the least populated states and unfortunately, we have a higher than average suicide rate. We also have lots of veterans (per capita) than most states. Our state sometimes feels big, lonely, desolate, and filled with a bunch of warriors that have PTSD or some type of anxiety. And speaking of anxiety, you don’t have to fight for our country to have it!

Sadly what our state doesn’t have is LEGAL MARIJUANA on any level! But we have plenty of doctors willing to prescribe medication packed with chemicals and a list of side effects that can potentially ruin your body over a lifetime.

Did you know:

Smoking marijuana has never been proven to lead to lung cancer.

Using marijuana helps prevents glaucoma.

Using marijuana relieves chronic pain, stress and anxiety.

Using THC with CBD helps the CBD enter your blood stream more effectively.

Marijuana is safer than alcohol.

Studies have shown that marijuana may help people with alcohol and opioid addictions.

The cannabis industry is the fastest growing industry in the country!

The CDC will even tell you that Cannabis based products can help with nausea for people that take chemotherapy treatments, and it helps with multiple sclerosis-related muscle spasms.

Alcohol and Tobacco do not have all these positive attributes and are loaded with bad things for your body, but you can buy them at just about any store in Wyoming. Just more non-sense from your State of Wyoming Government if you ask me.

Recently the State of Wyoming has had some financial struggles. They/we have lost a lot of revenue because of the oil and gas regulations and general slow down over the years. Legalizing marijuana is a great way for states to gain additional tax revenues. Furthermore, law enforcement would be freed up to deal with real crimes, courts and jails would be freed up as well.

All of these positives outweigh the potential one or two negatives from legalization. There are so many other things that have been legal in this country that have so many negative effects on society, isn’t it time to legalize something positive?